“You never lose.  
Either you win, or you learn.”  
- Nelson Mandela 

On-line Discovery Session 

Realising how scary the prospect of therapy is, especially taking into account that initially you are talking to a stranger in unfamiliar surroundings.  
Genesis Therapy is now offering an on-line version of the Discovery Session and is happy for you to share the experience with a family member or a friend to help overcome any nerves. 
Yes, that’s correct, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and, if you so wish, invite a family member OR friend to join you, at no extra cost, as you discover how Genesis Therapy can help you. 

Invite a friend or relative. 

Invite a friend or relative for support OR someone you know that suffers with similar issues to yourself. The reason to share this experience is entirely up to you, the only restriction is that it's you and one other person. 

Money Back Guarantee. 

That’s not all, your money will be refunded for this session if, for whatever reason, you do not believe Genesis Therapy can deliver a lasting transformational experience essential to your long-term success. 

Discovery Session Content 

Understand your symptoms and how they impact your daily life. 
Explain how the brain works and its influence on how you feel. 
Discuss how our therapeutic techniques create the positive change you desire. 
Help you to navigate your way clear of the self-sabotaging thoughts. 
Build that critical empathy between client and therapist. 

Positive Change 

Here at Genesis Therapy we pride ourselves on using the most practical, modern and well-researched techniques helping you make the significant positive changes you desire. 
Manageable change 
Significant change 
Sustainable change 
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