“You never lose.  
Either you win, or you learn.”  
- Nelson Mandela 

How can Genesis Therapy Help? 

Here at Genesis Therapy we pride ourselves on using the most practical, modern and well-researched techniques helping you make the significant positive changes you desire. 
Changes that can happen in a very short period of time. 
Changes felt for many years to come. 
Significant enough to get life, 'back on track.' 
Delivering a lasting transformational experience essential to long-term success. 
We treat the client not the condition. 
Using Solution Focused Therapy, the attention is always on what you, the client, wants to achieve leaving the past firmly where it belongs, in the past. 
As the name suggests our “focus” will be on “solutions” rather than the issues that prompted you to seek therapy in the first instance. 
Using both Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy techniques to deliver a powerful life changing experience is the key to the success for you the client. 
Genesis Therapy always there to prompt and guide you. 

What to expect in your sessions 

What happens in a Discovery Session. 
Understand your symptoms and how they impact your daily life. 
Explain how the brain works and its influence on how you feel. 
Discuss how our therapeutic techniques create the positive change you desire. 
Help you to navigate your way clear of the self sabotaging thoughts. 
And to build that critical empathy between client and therapist. 
Outline of what we do during a full Consultation. 
We will focus on techniques tailored to your needs that not only reduce symptoms but for longer term gain, switch your mind to ‘solution focused’ thinking. 
Our questioning techniques will identify the small steps you can take to achieve your goals from the very first session. 
We will also identify 'at home' strategies to ensure your continued focus on the transformational changes created during therapy. 
Progress is measured during each session to ensure that the therapeutic strategy is being realised ensuring you reach your goals 
We will continually measure your progress. 

Focusing on positive imagery and language. 

In the first half of the nineteenth century Dr James Braid argued that focusing on positive imagery and language could produce physical and psychological benefits. He also said that the benefits of therapy should be verified using research based on the growing understanding of psychology. 

Changing unhelpful patterns. 

The next development took place in the mid twentieth century, through the work of psychiatrist and therapist, Milton Erickson. He said that we could all harness our own resources and strengths. By making small changes to unhelpful behaviours and patterns we could achieve positive change. 

Setting  goals.  

Steve de Shazer included Eriskson’s work at the Mental Research Institute in Paolo Alto to create Solutions Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). This approach focuses on your desired future rather than past problems or current difficulties. Importantly, you set your own goals and then work with your therapist to take the steps needed to achieve them. 

Research and understanding 

Technology is now giving us a much clearer understanding of how our brains work. SFH is building a firm foundation through research and analysis of neural networks and the structure of your brain as well as the positive life changes that people achieve. 
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