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I feel alive... 

pattern of life I had got myself into and he was right. I feel alive for the first time in years, I feel confident that I can do anything I want to and that I will continue to choose the right path and will not have to go through another breakdown again. 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Laura B 

Lows and highs... 

thankfully the highs and a level of self-happiness now present again. Steve took the time to listen to me and made me understand that my feelings and negative thoughts were not forever, he made me believe in myself again. 
Steve is fantastic in the work he delivers, I couldn’t have asked for a more professional friendly individual. Excellent service provided from a man who has his clients best interest at heart. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Genesis Therapy 😊 

Your amazing help... 

problems. I cannot put into words how much better I feel thanks to your strategies and the time you have taken to talk me through everything. 

Strength and motivation... 

feel at ease with myself and given me strength and motivation to push past my issues. Feel like a new man even though I'm still the same old me 

Calm and positive... 

problems he had. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you. 

Sky high anxiety... 

serious relationship breakups, bereavement and wasn’t working. My self-esteem was rock bottom and my anxiety levels were sky high. I had lost myself completely. I instantly felt at ease with Steve and his explanations of how the brain works alongside solution-focused therapy had such an impact on me. His patience is incredible and listened whilst I poured everything out. Then the real work began! I began to see the strength I had within and the choices I still had. Steadily I worked to make changes and the results started to happen. 
I’m now free from a toxic relationship and working in a career I love and studying subjects I love in college! My anxiety is reduced and I can see a bright future ahead. The most important part of all of these sessions is that Steve showed me that these changes were all possible through myself, he just geared me towards the right path! 

Anxiety issues... 

and the use of hypnosis really gets great results. 

37 years of anxiety... 

experienced it. 
I had gone through deabilitating panic attacks, and long term bouts of stress and anxiety on many an occasion, my life was one scary place to be, and during the process I had tried everything available to me on the NHS and also at home. I spent sometimes years at a time on anxiety medications. 
When I contacted Steve at Genesis therapy I wasn't sure if I needed just straight forward counselling and I wasnt sure if hypnotherapy was going to help me, however I'm so pleased I listened to my instincts which told me I needed to find solutions and not just sit and talk and get upset as I had done previously with basic counselling 
I was indeed nervous to go at first, but Steve soon made me feel at ease. 
His explanations of why I felt as I did made everything clear and once I started to follow his guidance on the solution therapy, I started for the first time ever to be able to help myself, and I have never been able to control my thoughts or anxiety to this extent as I have now. 
Steve has just the right balance, he is very knowledgeable on this process, understanding, caring with a good sense of humour and would listen to me if I needed to vent, yet he was firm enough to not let me stay there and would keep bringing me back to the positives and solutions, which was just what I needed. 
The hypnotherapy Steve provides is also amazing, and I could feel the effects from the first time I listened to it. I listened to it every night and also during sessions and I would leave feeling on top of the world. 
I can't thank Steve enough for the changes he has made in me and I would definitely recommend Genesis Therapy to anyone 
If you do as Steve guides you to do then you will see results 😊 
Thank you Steve 

Personal development... 

Thank you Steve. 

Severe anxiety... 

Thanks Steve 

Relaxed and comfortable... 

comfortable atmosphere, which enables you to feel at ease to obtain maximum benefit from the sessions. Personally I have found it beneficial and would highly recommend Steve to family and friends etc. 😊 

Life continues... 

understanding in explaining things I am now able to look at my life from a totally different perspective. With the knowledge that you have taught me I now know how to help myself and not let every little thing that happens drag me down. Life continues to throw in little wobbles but I am now much more capable of coping with them 
Thanks again Steve 

Gain back control... 

a few sessions. I can now do things without worrying and can live life to the full. I would and will always highly recommend Steve!’ Thanks again for everything you have done for me!!! 

Put me at ease... 

He put me at my ease and explained in layman's terms what was happening. He gave me the information and skills that I needed to handle my own condition. As, I practiced more and more, my fear subsided and is no longer a problem. 

Putting in some work... 

Steve was with me every step on my recovery journey, without his help I feel that I would still be suffering with depression. As part of the recovery process, you have to put some work in yourself, seeing the results, in which Steve discussed with me weekly, made me want to do it even more, and it is a great feeling, knowing you are getting better. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone, I left the sessions feeling in total control, but I know that, if I do slip into my old ways, Steve will be there to support me. I do not feel ashamed to admit I needed help, in fact some of the techniques and information I have gained from the sessions, I share with family and friends. 

South Africa here I come... 

I found Steve online and booked a discovery session with him. He explained how the mind works and the possible reasons I was feeling the way I did. 
After this I booked in for Hypnotherapy, we would start the session talking about positive things that had happened in my week, any issues that may have arisen and talk them through logically. The hypnotherapy was very helpful to calm my thoughts and keep looking at things in a positive light. I have carried this on with sleep hypnotherapy at night to calm any anxious thoughts. 
Steve is straight, to the point and does not dwell on negatives. He gave me techniques to use when faced with uncertain or uncomfortable situations to lessen anxiety. He gave my self-esteem back and made me realise to look after myself and not just other people. 
Now, with these new positive feelings and reduced anxiety I am moving to South Africa with my partner to start a new and adventurous life without worry. 
I would like to say thank you for all the help Steve has given me and would recommend him to anyone, regardless of how you are feeling. The advice and information given would be helpful to all. 

University at last... 

how I’ve been getting on. 
I went back to university in October to finish off my degree and I’ve got my final exam tomorrow. The year has gone really well despite being stressful at times but I could not be prouder. I’ve managed to accomplish something that I never thought I could for the years I was suffering with anxiety. I’m looking forward to my graduation ceremony because I know my parents will be so proud. 
Thank you for helping me last year and for your guidance 
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